Selective color

Selective color is a post-processing technique where most of a photo is converted to black and white, but some parts are left in color. This is usually achieved by using layers and masks in photo editing software. A common application for selective color is portraiture, to keep the eyes and sometimes the lips in color, against an otherwise black and white photograph.
Excerpt from Wikipedia

This Flash demo does on-the-fly rendering of a masked area, relying on the BitmapData APIs to copy pixels back and forth between the original image and a duplicate in black and white. It responds adequately to resize events.

FaithFlip3D component

Animation of the three monotheistic symbols flipping in 3D with a caption. Completely user- customizable

Broadcasting studio

The Flash player has a built-in encoder that allows to broadcast live streams to a server (such as Flash Media Server or Red5) . The Sorenson Spark codec has various settings that I tried to arrange together in a Flex GUI.

AS2 and Flex inter-communication

I was asked to write a demo with the following requirements:

Source code available.

Video engine

A video engine written in Flex that supports ad insertion at runtime. It is based on the VideoDisplay component.

Video encoding console

At Hiro media I was asked to redesign a database front-end that they originally had developed in .NET and that they now wanted to see in Flex to leverage the power of a RIA, so as to benefit from web-based deployment and vastly superior GUI controls. To log in the demo, any username / password combo will do.


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