Pixel density in a troubled world

Entry posted on my Posterous blog


A range of flex experiments, exploring charted and uncharted territories.

From OOP to ActionScript and back to Flex

A tutorial exploring object-oriented programming principles in some of the technologies behind the Flex framework.

Emacs for maemo

The official homepage of the emacs port for the maemo platform, as found on the Nokia Internet Tablets.

Palm VFS Search

A search utility for external filesystems on the Palm platform


A DynDNS client written in Rebol


This program is intended to monitor log files easily from within one console window.

EOS upload manager

This program is meant to help one organizing uploads, whether uploading a web site or backing up data on the Internet. Fully functional, but without manual.


A javascript snippet meant to emulate the classic typewriter special effect, reminiscent of those used in movies or video games, whereby appears letter after letter, as if typed by a typewriter/telex.


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