Most software produce some sort of logging of activity. A mail client, a web server, a firewall, all write log files in their home directory or in a user-defined location. If you're used to monitor these log files, you know how cumbersome it is to have a peek at them: they are scattered on your hard drive! But that is not all: most often, the last entries, those that are of prime interest, are to be found at the bottom of the file. Things get even more complicated if you want to monitor a log file in real time. In one word, monitoring log files can be a drag.

Here comes Log viewer, a small application designed to help you in this task. It is very simple of use. On the left side is a list of entries which correspond, on the right, to the content of a log file. The log file is read continually, so you can monitor it in real time. You also have control over how often the file is reread (the refresh rate).

Note: In the unix world, last is a command-line utility serving that purpose. Logviewer can be seen as a propped up visual enhancement of last.

For more information, please refer to the readme.txt

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Download the windows binary (603.800 bytes) or the source (16.404 bytes), written in rebol.


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