Palm VFS Search

Palm VFS Search screenshot

Since long, Palm devices have integrated support for external filesystems (via the VFS library), but a search capability on that said filesystems has always been missing. When I travel around, I don't carry my laptop, just my palm and a foldable keyboard. In my lost moments, I like to toy with onboard programming solutions. While OnBoardC is probably the best choice if one is to compile integrated and native code for the Palm OS, I found the Lispme and the Plua interpreters highly enjoyable and educational . Plua is a Lua port for the palm, while Lua itself is a versatile, high-level language built on C and developed by scholars in Brazil. That's how I came up with a search utility for external filesystems (VFS).

Tested on Palm OS v. 5.2.1 with Plua 2.0b8

Here is the source, GPL'd.

A word of caution: this is experimental software.


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