Built for movers and shakers in Tel Aviv looking for talent or investors.


Makes tech Mergers and Acquisitions successful using the Wisdom of the Crowd.


An online shop. This is a Flex project with server-side data coming in as XML. Currencies are retrieved from a web service (WSDL), ensuring accurate prices in the shopping cart.

MascotOne Enterprises

Xiao Cao's restaurants and inns in the scenic villages of Shuhe and Wenhai. Chinese website. (2008)

One Two ThreeTroubleshooter

Remote tech help in 3 easy steps. And its sister website in French. (2007)


A travel initiative initiated with Cheng Li, my partner, in Lijiang. (2007)

Middelheim guesthouse

Commissioned work for a guesthouse in the area of greater Antwerp. (2006)

Daro gifts

Parents' gift shop in Antwerp. (2005)

Tabarka travels

Travel agency promoting the region of Khroumiria, Tunisia. Defunct. (2002)


The website you're browsing right now. A work in progress.


Project to rebuild the pharos in Alexandria led by Paul Gonze and Bernard Delville, of Mass Moving fame. The project capsized somewhere midway, and the website died of natural death. (1998)

crammed logoCrammed

Website for the Brussels-based music label, in collaboration with Vincent Kenis during the first years after its inception. (circa 1996)

Dialectrique logoDialectrique

A gathering of electronic audiences. One of the first underground/cultural web sites, since it orginated from a BBS of the same name, during the pre-internet era (1993). Now defunct, but it produced an offspring called Noctis, dedicated to nightlife.


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